Tripomatic widgets allow you to embed Tripomatic map to your blog or website. We support two types of widgets - a general map widget and a trip widget.

License and Attribution

You can use the widgets free of charge, even for commercial purposes and on high traffic websites. The only request we have is to attribute Tripomatic. The code that you generate for the widget already contains attribution. You are free to alter the attribution to fit your UI design. Generally we expect you to be nice and attribute Tripomatic in a meaningful way.

General Map Widget

powered by Tripomatic

General map widget shows a place from Tripomatic in its surroundings.

To embed a general map widget to your blog, head to Tripomatic planner, locate the place that you want to showcase (an attraction or a hotel) and open its detail. In the top right corner of the place detail, locate the share button and choose embed icon. Adjust the settings and copy paste the code.

Trip Widget

powered by Tripomatic

Trip widget shows your trip. Users can view all days in a trip on a map and you can set which day will show as default (or show everything). 

To embed a trip widget to your blog, head to Tripomatic planner and open the trip that you want to share (or create a new one). Click the "More..." button in the trip menu above the map and choose "Share". (To do this, you need to be signed in.) If the trip is private, you will need to enable sharing. Then, adjust the settings and copy paste the code.

Hacking the Widget

If you know code, feel free to hack the generic widget code. Here's a list of parameters that may come handy:

  • Show any place by specifying its lattitude, longitude and desired zoom level: ?lat=41.894912&lng=12.460877&zoom=15 - regardless if there is Tripomatic coverage or not.
  • Specify map bounds: ?sw=54.559322,-5.767822&ne=56.1210604,-3.021240, zoom level will be set automatically. This will ensure the whole area will be visible regardless the widget canvas size.
  • Show hotels instead of attractions: &type=hotel
  • Highlight a place instead of showing a tooltip: Replace &tooltip={{ID}} with &highlight={{ID}} - this will make the marker pulse.

Building something special?

Let us know! We appreciate your feedback. Furthermore, the following may apply to you:

High profile websites

If you have a really cool blog / website with a Tripomatic widget implemented, ping us via Twitter at @Tripomatic_com. We occasionally share good implementations on social media and may be this will be your lucky day.

High Traffic Websites

You're welcome to use our widgets even on high traffic websites for free. If you expect to have more than 1 million widget views per month, please contact us in advance at so that we can increase our server capacity accordingly ahead. We can provide you with implementation advice and showcase your implementation.