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The most and the least stressful cities for travelers

Research done by Tripomatic

If you plan to relax and disconnect from the rushed pace of everyday life, New York and Paris are not the right places to be. Tripomatic analyzed how people are planning their short trips into popular destinations all over the world. How many attractions are available there and how many of them travelers plan to visit per day? We ranked the most stressful cities to visit.

Travel performance

Do we prefer to see as much as possible or to unwind and relax? New York, with its stressful pace, pushes travelers to spend even their holiday on the run. On an average five days long trip, they run around and see 5.32 attractions per day. Meanwhile on the other side of the Earth… Travelers in Barcelona are drawn into the relaxing “mañana” mode immediately and select only 2.87 places to visit each day. Seeing and visiting mode replaced by enjoying mode.

It might be tempting to proclaim that destinations with more interesting places would inspire an increased travel performance, but London completely destroys this assumption! London, Europe's New York, cosmopolitan hub and one of the top European destinations, get’s itineraries filled up with average 3.09 places to visit on a daily basis. The presence of countless pubs on every corner and a large number of parks and boroughs tempts travelers to slow down and experience the British way of relaxation. Compared to Paris, travel performance in London generates half of the amount of attractions per day. With the average of 6.11 sights per day, Paris knocks off even pretty stressful New York. What forces people to move fast even on their vacation?

Tripomatic’s data shows that cities facing a massive number of visitors encourage travelers to create more demanding itineraries than less visited destinations. It is no wonder that traveler’s drive to see as much as possible in these cities  is so high. As the most stressful cities are among European capitals (except New York), the majority of travelers include them in their big European multi-city trips or stuff them into a long-weekend getaway. That is the reason for pressure on high travel performance.

All in all, if you go for high travel performance, New York, Paris and Prague are definitely the best choices! Very stressed mode, high pace of movement and a long preparation time are guaranteed. On the other hand, San Francisco, Bangkok and Sydney may be a great pick for your holiday if you aim to relax, enjoy and discover places with minimum planning done beforehand

* Research is based on Tripomatic’s data from  July 2015 when our users created 250 000 itineraries for their trips into more than 1500 destinations.



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Are you fan of Tripomatic on Facebook? Have you noticed that we’ve been totally missing album with a collection of our fan’s travel photos? :-) We are changing the direction! You, Tripomatic users, fans, followers, You are our drive. We are so curious. What you’ve been up to during your travels? Inspire us and share with us your best photo from your trip.

Share your best shot about The most breathtaking view you’ve ever had at our email: and win Tripomatic Premium. Add who is the author and where he/she took a photo and what is the story behind the picture. Contest is open until 15. 8. 2015.

Good examples of Across the World submission:

"We got on a bus and we were supposed to get off at Furore. Even though we had the GPS on, we didn't make it to the right place. Instead, we had to continue to the terminal stop in Amalfi and at the end of the day, we were glad that we did. The place was so picturesque that it took our breath away." Image courtesy: Michal Zelinka Amalfi, Italy

"We got on a bus and we were supposed to get off at Furore. Even though we had the GPS on, we didn't make it to the right place. Instead, we had to continue to the terminal stop in Amalfi and at the end of the day, we were glad that we did. The place was so picturesque that it took our breath away."

Image courtesy: Michal Zelinka

Amalfi, Italy

Rock Town; Image courtesy: Andrej Rajnoha Hruboskalsko, Czech Republic

Rock Town; Image courtesy: Andrej Rajnoha

Hruboskalsko, Czech Republic

Sound like something you’d like to get involved in? Keep on reading. To ensure clarity and fair play of the our Across the World photo contest, we’ve come up with an official guidelines that would support you, to understand rules and recommendations, and still keep the fun factor of the entire thing pretty high :-)

*By participating you agree with official guideline of the contest.


Winning projects from Travel Hackathon

First Travel Hackathon in Brno last weekend (19. - 20.6.2015)

6 teams of developers and travel fans together with data and support from Tripomatic, Skypicker and  IBM created some really cool inspiring projects. They had exactly 24 hours to develop an idea how to travel cheaper, faster, better and more comfortable.

We got 2 winning teams proposing solutions for following:

Trip Share: How to use a moving map to follow interactively your planned trip?

Tripo: How to use the know-how from experienced travelers inside of trip planner? 


Great inspiration, we'll definitely think how to bring these ideas to life.

Thanks everyone.


Tripomatic at Barcamp Brno

Visit us at Barcamp Brno 2015 on Saturday, May 23.


We have two talks at Barcamp:

11:45   How to get into media (E105)

by Barbora Nevosádová, co-founder and Tripomatic CFO. Learn how we managed to get into online and offline media around the World. Starts at 11:45, hall E105

16:45   Agile company management (D0207)

by Lukáš Nevosád, co-founder and Tripomatic CEO. Agile methodologies are normally used only for development, but we've set on a quest to make the whole company agile. We will share everything we've learned along the way. Starts at 16:45, hall D0207


Apart from being part of barcamp-wide "Pevnost Boyard", we also have another competition for Tripomatic users. You can win one of three LEGO Architecture sets. To take part:

  1. Create a trip to Brno
  2. Add the location of Barcamp Brno to your trip on May 23
  3. Register if you're a new user to sync your trip to our servers

Winners will be picked during the last break (scheduled 16:30 - 16:45). If you win and cannot make it, we will contact you by e-mail and send the prize by post.

Tripomatic Stand

Tripomatic staff (including both founders) will be present at Tripomatic stand at the lobby. You're welcome to drop by for a chat.

Travel Hackathon

Do you like travel? Turn your hobby into the next big thing in travel!

Test your skills against APIs and big data from Skypicker and Tripomatic. Brainstorm an idea, find your teammates and hack together for two days to turn your idea into a working prototype. Mentors from IBM, Skypicker and Tripomatic will work with you on the spot to consult your project from the first idea to its deployment. Perhaps it will be your team that will become another successful travel startup!

To register, join the facebook event.

See you at Barcamp Brno

Barcamp Brno is a free event for tech enthusiasts and Tripomatic is proud to be one of the partners. See you on April 23!

New Office

On November 17, we moved our office to the newly built Technology Park near Brno University of Technology in Brno.

We are now part of the ecosystem of Brno startups under JIC Brno.

Our new office address is:

Tripomatic s.r.o.
JIC-INMEC Building
Purkyňova 649/127
612 00 Brno